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Worlds Endgeektv

Gary King (Simon Pegg) was once the king of his fivesome, cool and mysterious in his black overcoat and shades and enticing his friends into a mile-long pub crawl ... but they stopped three short of the record dozen. Decades later, stuck in the past, broken but not defeated, Gary is determined to go for the dirty dozen once more. But first he must persuade his old pals -- the now buff-and-successful developer, Steven (Paddy Considine); the still mild-mannered car salesman, Peter (Eddie Marsan); the man-on-the-go estate agent, Oliver (Martin Freeman); and Garys old-best-friend-turned-lawyer-who-now-hates-him, Andy (Nick Frost) -- to join him. And even if they do, the road to The Worlds End, the last of the 12 bars, will prove to be paved with otherworldly, violent intrusions.

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