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WITS ACADEMY picks up where Every Witch Way left off, with Andi Cruz (Daniela Nieves) embarking on her first magical adventure after being the longtime sidekick and BFF of Emma, aka the Chosen One. Now that Emma is otherwise engaged, Andi is ready to train in earnest at WITS Academy to become the Magic Realms first human Guardian to the Chosen One. But when the school headmaster, Agamemnon (Todd Allen Durkin), puts her in charge of witch-in-training Jessie (Julia Antonelli), Andi knows shes got her work cut out for her, and her manipulative classmate, Ruby (Kennedy Slocum), further complicates matters. Even kindly Luke (Ryan Cargill) puts up a fight for top honors, since his family legacy is at stake should Andi succeed at her quest to be a Guardian.