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Who Do You Think You Are?geektv

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? shadows seven American celebrities as they explore their genealogical roots and search for answers to questions that have long gone unanswered in their families. Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmitt Smith, and Spike Lee are among the participants who embark on life-changing journeys into the past, working with historical and genealogical experts to uncover clues to the lives of their ancestors. The stars travel the world to visit the places where their relatives lived, hoping to gain a better understanding of who they were, and ultimately where they themselves come from.

S8 Episode 6: Lea Michele2016-05-03 00:03:49
S8 Episode 5: Chris Noth2016-05-03 00:05:43
S8 Episode 4: Molly Ringwald2016-04-26 01:03:52
S8 Episode 3: Katey Sagal2016-04-19 02:58:18
S8 Episode 2: Scott Foley2016-04-12 01:51:34
S8 Episode 1: Aisha Tyler2016-04-05 00:09:09