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"News From the Edge" is how HBO aptly bills half-hour VICE, which explores scary and/or wacky news stories from across the world using correspondents largely culled from Vice magazine. Reporters travel to such inhospitable locations as the workspaces for the illegal gun-makers of the Philippines, or to prisons in Afghanistan who hold failed suicide bombers to find out why, and how. The answers may cause you to sleep restlessly at night, though the reporting is unfailingly smart and fascinating.

S1 Episode 10: Basketball Diplomacy2014-07-04 15:15:59
S1 Episode 9: Gangs & Oil2014-05-10 13:00:21
S1 Episode 8: Fighting Chances2014-05-10 13:00:30
S1 Episode 7: Addiction2014-05-10 22:15:51
S1 Episode 6: Corruption2014-05-10 22:19:38
S1 Episode 5: Winners & Losers2014-05-10 22:28:19
S1 Episode 4: Love & Rockets2014-05-10 22:30:11
S1 Episode 3: Guns & Ammo2014-05-10 22:37:24
S1 Episode 2: Bad Borders2014-05-10 23:00:03
S1 Episode 1: Killer Kids2014-05-10 23:42:24