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Without warning, a fleet of huge alien spaceships arrive at Earth and position themselves over 29 cities across the globe. Anna, the beautiful leader of the alien "Visitors", speaks to the people of Earth and declares they have come in peace. Explaining that they are far from their homeworld and require certain minerals from Earth to sustain themselves, the Visitors offer to share their technology with humanity in return. Within a short time, the Visitors are widely welcomed as they offer their medical technology to provide miraculous cures for conditions such as blindness and paralysis.

S2 Episode 10: Mothers Day2014-05-10 20:45:45
S2 Episode 9: Devil in a Blue Dress2014-05-10 20:45:53
S2 Episode 8: Uneasy Lies the Head2014-05-10 20:46:01
S2 Episode 7: Birth Pangs2014-05-10 20:46:20
S2 Episode 6: Siege2014-05-10 20:46:32
S2 Episode 5: Concordia2014-05-10 20:46:40
S2 Episode 4: Unholy Alliance2014-05-10 20:46:48
S2 Episode 3: Laid Bare2014-05-10 20:46:56
S2 Episode 2: SerpentsTooth2014-05-10 20:47:05
S2 Episode 1: Red Rain2014-05-10 20:47:13