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Undercover Bossgeektv

Based on a British show, UNDERCOVER BOSS follows corporate bosses as they leave their offices and work undercover in their own company to find out how their business is really being run. Each boss spends a week travelling to different company sites pretending to be a candidate for an entry-level position. S/he must take direction from lower-level managers, do some unappealing jobs alongside his/her own employees, and adhere to the corporate policies that have been handed down from his/her office. At the end of the week, the CEOs true identity is revealed, and he or she then shares what was learned about the effectiveness of the company’s corporate policies and about the people who help make the company run.

S6 Episode 13: Vivint2015-05-24 06:59:59
S6 Episode 12: Peavey Electronics2015-05-24 06:59:59
S6 Episode 11: Gigis Cupcakes2015-05-24 06:59:59
S6 Episode 10: Armando Montelongo2015-05-24 06:59:59
S6 Episode 9: Stella & Dot2015-05-24 06:59:58
S6 Episode 8: Forman Mills2015-05-24 06:59:58
S6 Episode 7: Rocket Fizz2015-05-24 06:59:58
S6 Episode 6: EmpireCLS2015-05-24 06:59:57
S6 Episode 5: Phenix Salon Inc2015-05-24 06:59:56
S6 Episode 4: Maaco2015-05-24 06:59:57
S6 Episode 3: Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill2015-05-24 06:59:57
S6 Episode 2: Mayor of Pittsburgh2015-05-24 06:59:57
S6 Episode 1: True Value2015-05-24 06:59:56
S2 Episode 22: University of California, Riverside2016-05-16 01:20:51
S2 Episode 19: Synagro2016-02-01 23:59:35
S2 Episode 18: MGM Grand2016-03-29 01:22:51
S2 Episode 17: United Van Lines2016-01-19 06:24:14
S2 Episode 15: Episode 152016-04-04 04:53:10
S2 Episode 14: Belfor2016-01-19 00:21:12
S2 Episode 13: UniFirst2016-02-15 22:33:28
S2 Episode 10: ABM2016-01-19 00:23:54