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ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN picks up the story of 16-year-old Peter Parker (voiced by Drake Bell) one year after the death of his uncle and his transformation into the infamous wall-crawling hero. When hes approached by Nick Fury (Chi McBride), the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., about joining his crime-fighting team, Peter agrees for the benefit of some formal training. At S.H.I.E.L.D., he meets Nova (Logan Miller), White Tiger (Caitlyn Taylor Love), Power Man (Ogie Banks), and Iron Fist (Greg Cipes), all slightly more experienced heroes who assume their own alter-egos to join Peter at Midtown High School and keep their fingers on the pulse of the town. Though Peters not an immediate fit into his new team, he and his new comrades must find a way to work together to thwart the villains who target them, including Norman Osborn (Steven Weber) and Doctor Octopus (Tom Kenny).

S1 Episode 26: Rise of the Goblin2015-08-07 02:11:22
S1 Episode 25: Revealed2015-08-07 02:11:26
S1 Episode 24: Attack of the Beetle2015-08-07 02:11:35
S1 Episode 23: Not a Toy2015-08-07 02:11:25
S1 Episode 22: The Iron Octopus2015-08-07 02:11:21
S1 Episode 21: I Am Spider-Man2015-08-07 02:11:27
S1 Episode 20: Run Pig Run2015-08-07 02:11:26
S1 Episode 19: Home Sick Hulk2015-08-07 02:11:27
S1 Episode 18: Damage2015-08-07 02:11:16
S1 Episode 17: Snow Day2015-08-07 02:11:27
S1 Episode 16: Beetle Mania2015-08-07 02:11:22
S1 Episode 15: For Your Eye Only2015-08-07 02:11:34
S1 Episode 14: Awesome2015-08-07 02:11:28
S1 Episode 13: Strange2015-08-07 02:11:17
S1 Episode 12: Me Time2015-08-07 02:11:30
S1 Episode 11: Venomous2015-08-07 02:11:20
S1 Episode 10: Freaky2015-08-07 02:11:32
S1 Episode 9: Field Trip2015-08-07 02:11:33
S1 Episode 8: Back in Black2015-08-07 02:11:23
S1 Episode 7: Exclusive2015-08-07 02:11:30
S1 Episode 6: Why I Hate the Gym2015-08-07 02:11:28
S1 Episode 5: Flight of the Iron Spider2015-08-07 02:11:24
S1 Episode 4: Venom2015-08-07 02:11:34
S1 Episode 3: Doomed2015-08-07 02:11:18
S1 Episode 2: Great Responsibility2015-08-07 02:11:20
S1 Episode 1: Great Power2015-08-07 02:11:20