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In parody cartoon THE VENTURE BROS., which is part of Cartoon Networks Adult Swim line-up, the titular brothers, Hank and Dean Venture (voiced by Christopher McCulloch and Michael Sinterniklaas, respectively), are a pair of bumbling, naive teenagers whose father, Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak), is a world-renowned super-scientist. Actually, hes the son of a world-renowned super-scientist, constantly cowering in his late fathers shadow and trying to live up to the Venture name -- the more he fails, the more he retreats into a fog of prescription painkillers and booze. Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton) is a shadowy figure, a former government agent gone seriously homicidal, who has sworn to protect the boys at all costs. The Ventures primary nemesis is The Monarch (McCulloch again), a megalomaniac intent on taking over the world while wearing a butterfly costume, who is assisted by Dr. Girlfriend (Doc Hammer), who has the body of a supermodel and the voice of a Bronx wrestler.