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The Story of God With Morgan Freemangeektv

THE STORY OF GOD WITH MORGAN FREEMAN takes viewers on a journey around the world to experience different teachings on faith. Host Morgan Freeman immerses himself in local customs central to religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism, talking with believers, visiting holy sites, and taking part in traditional practices. In so doing, he compares their ideologies as they relate to matters like the afterlife and how the world will end. He also explores the scientific side of the issue to learn how technology is being used to quantitate certain aspects of faith.

S1 Episode 6: The Power of Miracles2016-05-09 03:42:11
S1 Episode 5: The Devil Within2016-05-02 02:58:26
S1 Episode 4: Creation2016-04-25 23:43:09
S1 Episode 3: Who Is God?2016-04-18 00:56:10
S1 Episode 2: Apocalypse2016-04-11 00:46:30
S1 Episode 1: Beyond Death2016-04-04 01:01:47