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In THE RETURNED, the American remake of the French drama of the same name, certain long-dead residents of a mysterious small town are suddenly coming back to life: a teen whose schoolbus drove off a cliff on a school trip, a groom who died on the way to a wedding, a wife swept away when a local dam gave way. Their bereft loved ones had found a fragile peace. Now that peace is shattered, and questions remain. Why did one teen return when the rest of her classmates stayed properly dead? What mysterious force is bringing people back? Are they truly alive, or in some other state altogether? Why are they here, and what will happen next?

S1 Episode 10: Peter2015-05-12 03:30:50
S1 Episode 9: Helen2015-05-05 03:34:42
S1 Episode 8: Claire2015-04-28 03:09:09
S1 Episode 7: Rowan2015-04-21 03:12:44
S1 Episode 6: Lucy2015-04-14 03:17:40
S1 Episode 5: Tony and Adam2015-04-07 03:20:32
S1 Episode 4: Victor2015-03-31 03:13:11
S1 Episode 3: Julie2015-03-24 03:11:56
S1 Episode 2: Simon2015-03-10 05:00:09
S1 Episode 1: Camille2015-03-10 03:21:24