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The Returnedgeektv

Lucy wakes up from a coma in hospital, having miraculously healed all injuries. Camilles friends, realising that "Alice" is in fact Camille, open her coffin to find there is no body, but that it is full of water. Pierre organises a meeting with the parents of other children killed in Camilles schoolbus accident to reveal Camilles return. Simon wakes up in the hospital morgue, his bullet wound completely healed, and meets with Lucy before leaving together. Victor returns to Julies care, and finds his arm has begun to show marks similar to those of Léna. Camille finds purpose when she decides to invent images of an afterlife to comfort her friends parents, but they commit suicide in the hopes of meeting their son sooner. Léna grows closer to Serge, but flees after Toni shoots a gendarme to protect his brother; hiding in the forest, she discovers a large group of Revenants standing round a fire.

S2 Episode 8: Les Revenants2015-10-22 04:05:19
S2 Episode 7: Étienne2015-10-22 04:04:28
S2 Episode 6: Esther2015-10-16 10:32:36
S2 Episode 5: Madame Costa2015-10-16 10:25:30
S2 Episode 4: Virgil2015-10-14 05:21:57
S2 Episode 3: Morgane2015-10-09 05:33:36
S2 Episode 2: Episode 22015-10-03 01:42:02
S2 Episode 1: The Child2015-10-02 01:45:16
S1 Episode 8: La horde2014-01-07 07:39:40
S1 Episode 7: Ad Le2014-01-07 07:39:14
S1 Episode 6: Lucy2014-01-07 07:38:51
S1 Episode 5: Serge et Toni2014-01-07 07:38:31
S1 Episode 4: Victor2014-01-07 07:38:10
S1 Episode 3: Julie2014-01-07 07:37:50
S1 Episode 2: Simon2014-01-07 07:37:30
S1 Episode 1: Camille2014-01-07 07:37:07