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THE MIDDLE is a sitcom that centers on the hectic life of Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton), a middle-aged mom of three who lives with her husband, Mike (Neil Flynn), in the fictional Midwest town of Orson, Indiana. A mostly unsuccessful car salesperson who’s apt to belabor her customers with her personal woes, Frankie is a devoted mom and wife who nonetheless struggles to balance the daily disasters of the household and their kids, Axl (Charlie McDermott), Sue (Eden Shur), and Brick (Atticus Shaffer). Somewhere between unraveling Brick’s social ineptitude, bolstering Sue’s confidence, steering moody Axl to a promising future, and finding time for Mike, Frankie finds that the joys of life exist not in the uncommon highs, but in the middle of all the chaos.

S1 Episode 24: Average Rules2014-01-05 05:01:58
S1 Episode 23: Signals2014-01-05 05:01:25
S1 Episode 22: Mothers Day2014-01-05 05:00:42
S1 Episode 21: Worry Duty2014-01-05 04:59:44
S1 Episode 20: TV Or Not TV2014-01-05 04:59:07
S1 Episode 19: The Final Four2014-01-05 04:58:46
S1 Episode 18: The Fun House2014-01-05 04:58:24
S1 Episode 17: The Break-Up2014-01-05 04:58:04
S1 Episode 16: The Bee2014-01-05 04:57:45
S1 Episode 15: Valentines Day2014-01-05 04:57:04
S1 Episode 14: The Yelling2014-01-05 04:56:41
S1 Episode 13: The Interview2014-01-05 04:56:24
S1 Episode 12: The Neighbor2014-01-05 04:55:49
S1 Episode 11: The Jeans2014-01-05 04:55:23
S1 Episode 10: Christmas2014-01-05 04:55:05
S1 Episode 9: Siblings2014-01-05 04:54:42
S1 Episode 8: Thanksgiving2014-01-05 04:54:18
S1 Episode 7: The Scratch2014-01-05 04:50:48
S1 Episode 6: The Front Door2014-01-05 04:50:14
S1 Episode 5: The Block Party2014-01-05 04:49:54
S1 Episode 4: The Trip2014-01-05 04:49:14
S1 Episode 3: The Floating Anniversary2014-01-05 04:48:56
S1 Episode 2: The Cheerleader2014-01-05 04:48:38
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-01-05 04:48:22