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The Leaguegeektv

Pete (Mark Duplass) and his longtime friends may have become adults -- with wives, kids, and careers -- but it’s still unclear whether they ever grew up. The guys are fixated on two things: their annual fantasy football league and sex. And as the season gets under way, Pete drops a bomb on the gang by leaving his wife after one fight too many about his obsession with THE LEAGUE. The separation has ripple effects on his friends, including Ruxin (Nick Kroll), whose wife is so upset by the breakup that she won’t sleep with him; Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi), whose secret weapon in the league is his sports-obsessed wife, Jenny (Katie Aselton); and Pete’s little brother, Taco (Jonathan Lajoie), a devoted stoner who’s happy to have a newly single wingman.

S3 Episode 13: The Funeral 2013-12-10 04:41:54
S3 Episode 12: St. Pete 2013-12-10 04:41:39
S3 Episode 11: The Guest Bong 2013-12-10 04:40:56
S3 Episode 10: The Light of Genesis 2013-12-10 04:40:36
S3 Episode 9: The Out of Towner 2013-12-10 04:40:17
S3 Episode 8: Thanksgiving 2013-12-10 04:39:56
S3 Episode 7: Carmenjello 2013-12-10 04:39:37
S3 Episode 6: Yobogoya! 2013-12-10 04:39:16
S3 Episode 5: Bobbum Man 2013-12-10 04:38:24
S3 Episode 4: Ol Smoke Crotch 2013-12-10 04:38:05
S3 Episode 3: The Au Pair 2013-12-10 04:37:40
S3 Episode 2: The Sukkah 2013-12-10 04:37:21
S3 Episode 1: The Lockout 2013-12-10 04:37:05