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The Last Kingdomgeektv

When invading Vikings kill his Saxon nobleman father in battle, young Uhtred is kidnapped by Norsemen who raise him as one of their own while the Vikings continue their attack on Englands various kingdoms. Years later, a now-grown Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) -- accepted as neither Saxon nor Dane -- finds himself faced with the task of claiming his birthright under the weight of his heavily divided loyalties. Meanwhile, the ambitious King Alfred (David Dawson) of Wessex, THE LAST KINGDOM standing, makes plans to unite England and spread Christianity.

S1 Episode 8: Episode 82015-11-29 07:13:30
S1 Episode 7: Episode 72015-11-22 05:15:57
S1 Episode 6: Episode 62015-11-15 05:09:43
S1 Episode 5: Episode 52015-11-08 11:15:54
S1 Episode 4: Episode 42015-11-01 04:10:39
S1 Episode 3: Episode 32015-10-25 03:39:23
S1 Episode 2: Episode 22015-10-11 10:14:43
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2015-10-11 03:58:58