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The Hillsgeektv

Lauren "LC" Conrad has moved from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County to THE HILLS of Los Angeles. Shes settled into school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), landed a coveted internship with Teen Vogue, and moved into a gorgeous apartment -- what more could a young lady want? MTV cameras following her around for her own reality show? To land on the cover of Teen Vogue herself? Check and check. Typical trials ensue with LCs new friends Heidi, Audrina, Whitney, and Jordan, but the girls dialogue plays second fiddle to extreme close-ups, exaggerated exhales, and glares.

S3 Episode 29: The Next Move Is Yours 22014-05-26 05:33:47
S3 Episode 28: The Next Move Is Yours2014-05-10 03:46:01
S3 Episode 27: No Place Like Home2014-05-10 03:46:09
S3 Episode 26: A Date with the Past2014-05-10 03:46:17
S3 Episode 25: A New Roommate2014-05-10 03:46:25
S3 Episode 24: Girls Night Out2014-05-10 03:46:34
S3 Episode 23: Just Be Careful2014-05-10 03:46:43
S3 Episode 22: When Spencer Finds Out..2014-05-10 03:46:51
S3 Episode 21: An Unexpected Friend2014-05-10 03:46:59
S3 Episode 20: Back to LA2014-05-10 03:47:07
S3 Episode 19: Paris Changes Everything2014-05-10 03:47:15
S3 Episode 18: When One Door Closes2014-05-10 03:47:23
S3 Episode 17: Once a Player2014-05-10 03:47:32
S3 Episode 16: A Night at the Opera2014-05-10 03:47:40
S3 Episode 15: With This Ring..2014-05-10 03:47:48
S3 Episode 14: Forgive and Forget2014-05-10 03:47:56
S3 Episode 13: Young Hollywood2014-05-10 03:48:04
S3 Episode 12: Stress and the City2014-05-10 03:48:12
S3 Episode 11: No More Mr Nice Guy2014-05-10 03:48:20
S3 Episode 10: What Goes Around..2014-05-10 03:48:28
S3 Episode 9: What Happens in Vegas.2014-05-10 03:48:38
S3 Episode 8: For Better or Worse2014-05-10 03:48:45
S3 Episode 7: They Meet Again2014-05-10 03:48:53
S3 Episode 6: Second Chances2014-05-10 03:49:01
S3 Episode 5: Rolling with the Enemy2014-05-10 03:49:10
S3 Episode 4: Meet the Parents2014-05-10 03:49:18
S3 Episode 3: Truth and Time Tells All2014-05-10 03:49:26
S3 Episode 2: Big Girls Dont Cry2014-05-10 03:49:35
S3 Episode 1: You Know What You Did2014-05-10 03:49:43