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The Great Indoorsgeektv

Reporting back from an exotic assignment, globe-trotting adventure reporter Jack Gordon (Joel McHale) finds himself assigned to THE GREAT INDOORS as manager of the magazine's digital division -- a team composed entirely of millennials. The crew includes "online content curator" Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), "social influencer" Emma (Christine Ko), and "digital conversation specialist" Mason (Shaun Brown), with oversight from Jack's new supervisor, Brooke (Susannah Fielding), who's both an old flame and the daughter of the magazine's aging founder (Stephen Fry).

S1 Episode 13: DTR2017-02-17 02:41:20
S1 Episode 12: Paul's Surprise2017-02-10 02:11:52
S1 Episode 11: Mason Blows Up2017-01-20 01:12:47
S1 Episode 10: The Explorers' Club2017-01-13 00:59:57
S1 Episode 9: The Mediocre Outdoors2017-01-06 02:03:56
S1 Episode 8: Office Romance2016-12-16 02:11:28
S1 Episode 7: At Emma2016-12-09 02:03:43
S1 Episode 6: Going Deep2016-12-02 02:08:56
S1 Episode 5: No Bad Ideas2016-11-25 02:23:41
S1 Episode 4: You Don't Know Jack2016-11-18 02:03:53
S1 Episode 3: Step One: Shelter2016-11-11 02:04:59
S1 Episode 2: Dating Apps2016-11-04 01:06:27
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2016-10-28 01:07:55