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The Family 2016geektv

Secrets within secrets and tension-filled twists are what you'll find in THE FAMILY, a dark drama that centers on Claire Warren (Joan Allen), a mother of three who lived through a parent's worst nightmare: ten years ago, her kindergarten-age son Adam disappeared during a family outing. Hank (Andrew McCarthy), a creepy neighbor with a sex-offender background, was convicted of Adam's murder by crusading detective Nina (Margot Bingham). But now, mysteriously, a teenaged Adam (Liam James) has reappeared, bearing stories of a kidnapping and a mysterious man who has held him hostage. Or is it Adam? His siblings, ambitious Willa (Alison Pill) and messy, traumatized Danny (Zach Gilford), have their suspicions -- and their skeletons in the closet. His parents, Claire and estranged husband John (Rupert Graves), are just thrilled to have their son back. Or are they? Claire certainly is willing to use his return to boost her candidacy for governor of Maine, while John isn't so willing to overlook everything that's happened in the last decade.