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The Confessiongeektv

The plot revolves around a hitman (Sutherland – known simply as "The Confessor") and a priest (Hurt) discussing good and evil in a confessional on a snowy night. The confessor tells the priest that he has killed many people and he is not sorry for it, because they deserved to die. He also states that he will kill tonight, unless the priest hears his confession. At first the priest refuses to be involved in the confessors game, but after the confessor threatens the lives of the priests congregation, he agrees to hear him out.

S1 Episode 10: Chapter 102014-05-09 23:08:37
S1 Episode 9: Chapter 92014-05-09 23:08:45
S1 Episode 8: Chapter 82014-05-09 23:08:54
S1 Episode 7: Chapter 72014-05-09 23:09:03
S1 Episode 6: Chapter 62014-05-09 23:09:11
S1 Episode 5: Chapter 52014-05-09 23:09:19
S1 Episode 4: Chapter 42014-05-09 23:09:27
S1 Episode 3: Chapter 32014-05-09 23:09:35
S1 Episode 2: Chapter 122014-05-09 23:09:43
S1 Episode 1: Chapter 12014-05-09 23:09:53