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The Catchgeektv

Los Angeles-based private investigator Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) is one of the best in the business, running a successful firm with her best friend, Valerie (Rose Rollins), a former cop. But no one suspected that Alice's seemingly perfect fiancé, Christopher (Peter Krause), was playing her for everything she had. And now finding him will be THE CATCH of a lifetime.

S1 Episode 10: The Wedding2016-05-20 02:13:43
S1 Episode 9: The Happy Couple2016-05-20 01:23:05
S1 Episode 8: The Package2016-05-13 03:11:08
S1 Episode 7: The Ringer2016-05-06 03:19:51
S1 Episode 6: The Benefactor2016-04-29 01:38:13
S1 Episode 5: The Laragan Gambit2016-04-22 02:17:45
S1 Episode 4: Episode 42016-04-15 02:17:55
S1 Episode 3: The Trial2016-04-08 01:18:10
S1 Episode 2: The Real Killer2016-04-01 06:28:18
S1 Episode 1: The Pilot2016-03-25 00:56:54