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When suburban teacher Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) finds out from her doctor (Reid Scott) that shes got Stage IV melanoma, she makes a conscious decision to keep THE BIG C a secret from her errant husband (Oliver Platt), her teenage son (Gabriel Basso), and her free-spirited brother (John Benjamin Hickey), convinced that they cant handle the news. But her strange behavior leaves them all scratching their heads. In the meantime, she takes an overweight student (Gabourey Sidibe) under her wing and forges a tentative friendship with a reclusive neighbor (Phyllis Somerville).

S3 Episode 10: Fly Away2014-05-10 05:55:56
S3 Episode 9: Vaya Con Dios2014-05-10 05:56:04
S3 Episode 8: Killjoy2014-05-10 05:56:12
S3 Episode 7: How Bazaar2014-05-10 05:56:20
S3 Episode 6: Life Rights2014-05-10 05:56:28
S3 Episode 5: Face Off2014-05-10 05:56:36
S3 Episode 4: Family Matters2014-05-10 05:56:44
S3 Episode 3: Bundle of Joy2014-05-10 05:56:52
S3 Episode 2: What is Your Story?2014-05-10 05:57:00
S3 Episode 1: Thin Ice2014-05-10 05:57:09