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The Biblegeektv

THE BIBLE is a docudrama that features adaptations of known Bible stories that are believed to have changed the world. From the stories of Noahs Ark and Moses (played by William Houston), to the birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth (Diogo Morgado), the series offers dramatic renditions of biblical tales that are understood to have a major impact on the way people interpret good, evil, faith, and religion around the globe.

S1 Episode 11: TBA2015-06-15 02:44:51
S1 Episode 10: Courage2014-07-09 08:11:11
S1 Episode 9: Passion2014-07-09 08:10:54
S1 Episode 8: Betrayal2015-05-25 02:37:57
S1 Episode 7: Mission2015-05-18 02:39:40
S1 Episode 6: Revolution2014-07-09 08:10:13
S1 Episode 5: Survival2014-05-10 04:52:33
S1 Episode 4: Kingdom2015-04-27 02:39:50
S1 Episode 3: Homeland2014-05-10 04:52:41
S1 Episode 2: The Body is Gone2015-04-13 02:15:07
S1 Episode 1: Beginnings2014-05-10 04:52:50