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The Art of Moregeektv

THE ART OF MORE is a dramatic thriller about the high-stakes world of collecting. It stars Christian Cooke as "Tommy" Graham Connor, a former soldier who will smuggle, steal, and even forge some of the world's most valuable treasures to sell to wealthy hobbyists and investors who are willing to look the other way. As a staff member of New York’s Parkes-Mason auction house, which is owned by the no-nonsense Eugene Clark (Edward Leigh Mason), he does his best get a hold of, and hold on to, lucrative accounts belonging to high-end collectors like the obnoxious Samuel Brukner (Dennis Quaid). Spurring him along is his wealthy mentor and antiquities collector, Arthur Davenport (Cary Elwes). The competition among auction houses is fierce, and he must outsmart long-time pros like the cutthroat Roxanna Whitman (Kate Bosworth) and negotiate with Belinda Romero (Christina Rosato), Brukner’s assistant. It doesn't help that fellow Parkes-Mason staffers like Todd Fletcher (Joe Cobden) are jealous of his success. Things are going well, but thanks to a procurement of rare items from the Middle East, he soon finds himself in over his head.

S1 Episode 10: The Card Players2015-11-27 23:02:40
S1 Episode 9: The Interview2015-11-27 22:56:37
S1 Episode 8: Episode 82015-11-25 23:28:19
S1 Episode 7: The Quatrefoil2015-11-25 22:58:47
S1 Episode 6: Ride Along2015-11-25 22:52:25
S1 Episode 5: One Ton Depot2015-11-25 22:31:33
S1 Episode 4: Just Say Faux2015-11-25 08:14:53
S1 Episode 3: Mint Condition2015-11-21 03:22:15
S1 Episode 2: Episode 22015-11-20 23:35:42
S1 Episode 1: Episode 12015-11-20 23:38:03