Joukamachi no Dandelion | Jonathan Keltz | Stuart Freeman

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When 4,400 dazed people arrive near Seattle in a big ball of light from the sky, they dont know where theyve been or how long theyve been gone. Turns out, theyve been abducted by humans from the future, and, viewers find out later, theyre supposed to help save the world. But in the meantime, they struggle to sort out their lives, which have been cruelly disrupted. None of them have aged at all while theyve been missing.

S2 Episode 13: Mommys Bosses2014-06-01 05:35:30
S2 Episode 12: The Fifth Page2014-05-09 13:04:14
S2 Episode 11: Lockdown2014-05-09 13:04:31
S2 Episode 10: Hidden2014-05-09 13:04:22
S2 Episode 9: Rebirth2014-05-09 13:04:39
S2 Episode 8: Carrier2014-05-09 13:04:47
S2 Episode 7: Life Interrupted2014-05-09 13:04:56
S2 Episode 6: As Fate Would Have It2014-05-09 13:05:04
S2 Episode 5: Suffer the Children2014-05-09 13:05:12
S2 Episode 4: Weight of the World2014-05-09 13:05:20
S2 Episode 3: Voices Carry2014-05-09 13:05:28
S2 Episode 2: Wake Up Call Part 22014-05-09 13:05:36
S2 Episode 1: Wake Up Call2014-05-09 13:05:43