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Watch Star-Crossed Online. Star-Crossed Streaming. Ten years ago, an alien aircraft crashed into a suburban town, sparking a violent battle between humans and the newcomers who were fleeing their dying planet of Atria and for refuge on Earth. In the midst of the conflict, a young Atrian boy fled the violence and briefly befriended a compassionate young human girl, who was devastated when police shot him as he tried to protect her. The government rounded up the surviving Atrians and quarantined them in a camp called the Sector, cutting them off from contact with humans. Now a decade later, seven Atrian teens are enrolled in a public high school to test the waters of assimilation, and their arrival sets off a new round of confrontations between the two sides. Meanwhile, now-grown Emery (Aimee Teegarden) is surprised to discover that one of the Atrians is Roman (Matt Lanter), who miraculously didnt die as she had assumed all those years ago. As their bond deepens, they feel pulled apart by the strain between their people that threatens to sever any progress toward understanding the two sides have made.