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SALEM opens with the exodus of the villages most eligible bachelor, John Alden (Shane West), for war, leaving his beloved Mary (Janet Montgomery) behind in the strict Puritan community. When he finally returns seven years later, he arrives to find Mary married to the towns merciless elder, George Sibley (Michael Mulheren), and Salem gripped by witchcraft hysteria, led by the duplicitous Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel). As accusations fly, powerful forces divert the publics attention from the true instigators and curse the lives of innocent bystanders. John and town outcast Isaac (Iddo Goldberg) search for answers to the mysterious happenings in and around the village, while Mary attempts to cloak her own involvement by casting aspersions on her neighbors.

S1 Episode 13: All Fall Down2014-07-14 03:12:35
S1 Episode 12: Ashes, Ashes2014-07-07 03:54:33
S1 Episode 11: Cat and Mouse2014-06-30 03:10:24
S1 Episode 10: The House of Pain2014-06-23 03:02:30
S1 Episode 9: Children Be Afraid2014-06-16 03:15:32
S1 Episode 8: Departures2014-06-09 03:03:15
S1 Episode 7: Our Own Private America2014-06-02 03:04:21
S1 Episode 6: The Red Rose And The Briar2014-05-26 03:12:31
S1 Episode 5: Lies2014-05-19 03:11:04
S1 Episode 4: Survivors2014-05-12 03:06:56
S1 Episode 3: In Vain2014-05-05 03:09:25
S1 Episode 2: The Stone Child2014-04-28 03:14:49
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-04-21 03:17:40