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In RISING STAR, singing hopefuls compete for real-time votes from audience members, home viewers, and a celebrity panel comprising Brad Paisley, Kesha, and Ludacris. Hosted by Josh Groban, the show has a twist on the standard vocal-contest format that puts contestants behind a giant wall that blocks their view from the audience and the judges. During each 90-second performance, viewers and the experts use the shows app to swipe a vote for or against the singer(s) as a gauge on-screen calculates the percentage of those votes falling in the contestants favor. (Each "yes" vote from a celebrity panelist earns the contestant an additional seven percent.) If that number reaches the 70 percent mark, the wall rises, indicating to the singer that he or she is moving on to the next round.

S1 Episode 10: Episode#102015-05-22 07:31:26
S1 Episode 9: Episode#92015-05-22 07:31:25
S1 Episode 8: Episode#82015-05-22 07:31:25
S1 Episode 7: Episode#72015-05-22 07:31:25
S1 Episode 6: Episode#62015-05-22 07:31:24
S1 Episode 5: Episode#52015-05-22 07:31:24
S1 Episode 4: Episode#42015-05-22 07:31:24
S1 Episode 3: Episode#32015-05-22 07:31:23
S1 Episode 2: Episode#22015-05-22 07:31:23
S1 Episode 1: Episode#12015-05-22 07:31:23