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Project Runway: Threadsgeektv

PROJECT RUNWAY: THREADS, a junior-level spin-off of fashion-design competition Project Runway, switches things up by featuring young designers who are teens and tweens. On each hour-long episode, three talented young designers create themed outfits, always aware that show runners can throw in a twist at any moment. A parent or caregiver accompanies each designer, acting as a sewing assistant. At the end of a day, the designers show off their creations with a runway show featuring models wearing the newly minted fashion. One designer is crowned the winner and can go on to compete for a prize package including a fashion school scholarship and $10,000 from a fabric store.

S1 Episode 8: Showstopper2015-05-22 03:34:12
S1 Episode 7: Cover Look2015-05-22 03:34:12
S1 Episode 6: Monster Mash Up2015-05-22 03:34:11
S1 Episode 5: Prom2015-05-22 03:34:11
S1 Episode 4: Pop Star2015-05-22 03:34:11
S1 Episode 3: The Ultimate Accessory2015-05-22 03:34:10
S1 Episode 2: Fashion Capitals2015-05-22 03:34:10
S1 Episode 1: Red Carpet2015-05-22 03:34:10