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The Australian dramatic comedy PLEASE LIKE ME stars comedian Josh Thomas as Josh, an awkward almost-21-year-old who unexpectedly finds himself moving back into his family home. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Claire (Caitlin Stasey); coming to terms with his sexuality with the help of his roommates coworker (played by Charles Cottier); and learning about his mother Roses (Debra Lawrance) attempted suicide within a 24 period, his life is in shambles. Adjusting to living with his depressed mum isnt easy for the rather self-centered Josh, who has done his best to avoid drama and emotional moments as best he can. Adding to the chaos is his father, Alan (David Roberts); Alans girlfriend, Mae (Renee Lim); his Aunty Peg (Judi Farr); and Ginger (Denise Drysdale), an inpatient at the hospital where Rose is receiving treatment. Luckily he has his roommate and friend Tom (Thomas Ward) to help him cope.