Eps8 Taskmaster - Season 6 | The Walking Dead - Saison 8 [VOSTFR] | A1 HUD 4K PACK - Project for After Effects (Videohive)


an adaptation of a comic book series about a man's connection to supernatural forces of biblical proportions. Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) returns to his childhood home of Rome, West Virginia, where he, along with his sister Megan (Wrenn Schmidt), was raised by an abusive mother. Believing that she was possessed, he realizes that has a unique ability to resist demonic activity. Now living as an outcast in his former town, Kyle accepts that the evil presence that consumed his mother is everywhere, and follows him wherever he goes, bedeviling people close to him in hopes of becoming more powerful. With the help of Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister), he faces these malignant spirits head on, often during violent exorcisms and other encounters. But while the faithful believe in Kyle’s powers, he faces the doubts of his sister, the wrath of his brother-in-law, David (Mark Holter), and others, who believe that the possessed are really mentally ill, and that he is a violent predator.