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OTHER SPACE is a series about a group of clueless space travelers from the Universal Mapping Project (UMP for short). When Stewart Kapinski (Karan Soni) is promoted to captain and given the the UMP Cruiser, hes assigned a crew that includes First Officer and abrasive older sister Karen Lapinski (Bess Rous); third-in-command and his former babysitter Michael Newman (Eugene Cordero); spacey navigator Tina Shuksin (Milana Vayntrub); and science officer Kent Woolworth (Neil Casey). Also joining them is their oddball engineer Zalian Fletcher (Joel Hodgson), his talking robot A.R.T. (voiced by Trace Beaulieu), and Natasha (Conor Leslie), an attractive computer-generated program designed to help work the ship. When their maiden voyage gets them sucked into a parallel universe, the inexperienced and undisciplined team has to figure out how to survive while interacting with alien life forms on their own.