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Nina Proudman involves herself in helping her family from their own chaotic lives. Free of family obligations, Nina then arrives back at her flat to find a reminder of her ex-husband Brendan, undying love. Back at work, Nina overhears gossip about her crush, new employee Chriss, past. Billie attempts makeup sex with boyfriend Mick, however a fight erupts when he fails to take her career seriously and Billie reiterates why they cant be together. Heavily pregnant Cherie returns to the hospital for a check-up with old friend and workmate Nina. Before she can leave, Cherie goes into premature labour. During the delivery the women realise the babys father is Ninas dad, Darcy.

S1 Episode 14: A New Miracle2015-05-22 03:25:24
S1 Episode 12: Not as Planned2015-05-22 03:25:48
S1 Episode 11: My Confessions2015-05-22 03:25:46
S1 Episode 10: The Other Woman2015-05-22 03:25:45
S1 Episode 9: Making Peace2015-05-22 03:25:43
S1 Episode 8: Re-Unravel2015-05-22 03:25:40
S1 Episode 7: Two Sisters2015-05-22 03:25:38
S1 Episode 6: D-Day2015-05-22 03:25:36
S1 Episode 5: Carpe Diem2015-05-22 03:25:35
S1 Episode 4: Poison Ivy2015-05-22 03:25:33
S1 Episode 3: Playing Aloof2015-05-22 03:25:30
S1 Episode 2: The Uncomfortability2015-05-22 03:25:28
S1 Episode 1: Taking Charge2015-05-22 03:25:26