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The professional and personal lives of attorney Jake Gregorian (Daniel Sunjata) and TV news producer Julia George (Piper Perabo) are the focus of this drama series based on the real lives of criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and cable news producer Wendy Walker.

S1 Episode 10: Taken2016-12-09 03:58:01
S1 Episode 9: Choice2016-11-18 03:14:18
S1 Episode 8: The Burn Book2016-11-11 03:07:02
S1 Episode 7: Chase2016-11-04 02:10:19
S1 Episode 6: Kept and Broken2016-10-28 02:09:10
S1 Episode 5: Missing2016-10-22 13:58:30
S1 Episode 4: Tell Me a Secret2016-10-14 02:08:02
S1 Episode 3: Friends And Other Strangers2016-10-07 02:06:20
S1 Episode 2: The Perp Walk2016-09-30 02:05:53
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2016-09-23 02:06:18