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Mr. Picklesgeektv

MR. PICKLES follows the antics of a family dog with devilish designs on the people around him, except perhaps his 6-year-old owner, Tommy (voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock). At first glance, life in the Goodman house seems pretty average, particularly when it comes to Tommy and his best friend, Mr. Pickles, with whom he gets into plenty of curious situations. But what Tommy -- and most everyone else -- doesnt realize is that his happy-go-lucky border collie is actually a satanic murderer. Only Tommys grandfather (Frank Collison) sees the truth, but since no one takes him at his word, the cultish canines secret is safe for now.

S2 Episode 10: Mr. Pickles2016-06-28 03:56:53
S2 Episode 9: Talent Show2016-06-20 07:56:04
S2 Episode 8: Vegans2016-06-07 00:19:33
S2 Episode 7: My Dear Boy2016-05-30 23:38:33
S2 Episode 6: A.D.D.2016-05-23 15:29:27
S2 Episode 5: Fish2016-05-17 01:00:07
S2 Episode 4: Shovenpucker2016-05-09 23:34:05
S2 Episode 3: Serial Killers2016-05-02 07:26:02
S2 Episode 2: Cops and Robbers2016-04-25 12:29:46
S2 Episode 1: Mental Asylum2016-04-19 03:05:13
S1 Episode 10: The Lair2015-03-15 03:30:09
S1 Episode 9: Where is Mr Pickles?2015-03-15 03:29:44
S1 Episode 8: Coma2015-03-15 03:29:15
S1 Episode 7: Grandpas Night Out2015-03-15 03:28:47
S1 Episode 6: Loose Tooth2015-03-15 03:28:18
S1 Episode 5: Dead Mans Curve2015-03-15 03:27:50
S1 Episode 4: The Cheeseman2015-03-15 03:27:22
S1 Episode 3: Foul Ball2015-03-15 03:26:54
S1 Episode 2: Fathers Day Pie2015-03-15 03:26:23
S1 Episode 1: Tommys Big Job2015-03-15 03:25:49