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Watch Mixology Online. Mixology Streaming. One night. One bar. A bunch of single people, looking for love. Thats the high-concept setup for MIXOLOGY, the new comedy by the creators of The Hangover. In one unnamed New York City bar, recently dumped Tom (Blake Lee) is looking to dive back into the dating pool with the encouragement of his college buddies, handsome player Cal (Craig Frank) and smart-alecky ginger Bruce (Andrew Santino). At the same time, beautiful but blunt attorney Maya (Ginger Gozanga) is trying to convince Liv (Kate Simses) to dump her boring fiance, which is getting easier due to the temptations of failed dot-com entrepreneur Ron (Adam Campbell). Presiding over the whole scene is darkly handsome, enigmatic bartender Dominic (Adan Canto) and bubbly waitress Kacey (Vanessa Lengies). Which one of these characters will find each other as the night wears on? Youll have to watch and see.

S1 Episode 13: Closing Time2014-05-22 02:03:57
S1 Episode 12: Last Call2014-05-15 02:18:39
S1 Episode 11: Bruce & Maya2014-05-08 02:04:48
S1 Episode 10: Liv & Jim2014-05-01 02:05:00
S1 Episode 9: Dominic & Kacey2014-04-24 02:11:20
S1 Episode 8: Jessica & Ron2014-04-17 02:13:07
S1 Episode 7: Bruce & Fab2014-04-10 02:03:26
S1 Episode 6: Tom & Maya Part II2014-04-03 02:12:59
S1 Episode 5: Fab & Jessica & Dominic2014-03-27 01:02:33
S1 Episode 4: Cal & Kacey2014-03-20 00:49:59
S1 Episode 3: Bruce & Jessica2014-03-13 00:24:28
S1 Episode 2: Liv & Ron2014-02-20 04:37:05
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-02-20 04:35:42