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MENTAL follows psychiatrist Jack Gallagher (Chris Vance) in his new position as the director of Psychiatric Services at Los Angeles Wharton Memorial Hospital. While searching for creative ways to help people dealing with a wide array of syndromes, the dedicated doc often finds himself at odds with his boss, hospital administrator/former flame Nora Skoff (Annabella Sciorra). And then theres the drama brought on by his colleagues

S1 Episode 13: Bad Moon Rising2014-05-24 03:48:46
S1 Episode 12: Life and Limb2014-05-24 03:48:42
S1 Episode 11: Lines in the Sand2014-05-24 03:47:28
S1 Episode 10: Do Over2014-05-24 03:47:21
S1 Episode 9: Coda2014-05-24 03:47:11
S1 Episode 8: House of Mirrors2014-05-24 03:47:04
S1 Episode 7: Obsessively Yours2014-05-24 03:47:00
S1 Episode 6: Rainy Days2014-05-24 03:46:56
S1 Episode 5: Roles of Engagement2014-05-24 03:46:52
S1 Episode 4: Manic at the Disco2014-05-24 03:46:47
S1 Episode 3: Book of Judges2014-05-24 03:46:43
S1 Episode 2: A Beautiful Delusion2014-05-24 03:46:22
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2014-05-24 03:46:04