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The semi-autobiographical comedy series LOPEZ stars George Lopez living his life as a father, entertainer, and resident of an upscale part of Los Angeles. A successful comedian and actor, he is constantly torn between giving back to the Latino community while trying to expand his fan base with the help of his annoyingly relentless manager Olivia Michaels (Haley Huntley) to include non-Latinos and younger, hipper audiences. His home life is only slightly less stressful, thanks to his smart and somewhat entitled daughter Erica (Ashley Zamora), and his annoyingly nosy neighbor, Stephen (James Michael Connor). Luckily he's got his friends, including driver Manolo (Anthony "Citric" Campos), a pal from his old neighborhood in San Fernando Valley, and Maronzio (Maronzio Vance) his comedy show's opening act, to help him put things in perspective.