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Les revenantsgeektv

In a small French mountain town, many dead people reappear, apparently alive and normal: teenaged road crash victim Camille, suicidal bridegroom Simon, a small boy named "Victor" who was murdered by burglars, and Serge, a serial killer. They try to resume their lives as strange phenomena occur; amongst recurring power outages, the water level of the reservoir mysteriously lowers, revealing the presence of dead animals and a church steeple, and strange marks appear on the bodies of the living and the dead.

S1 Episode 8: The Horde2014-05-09 17:57:51
S1 Episode 7: Adèle2014-05-09 17:57:59
S1 Episode 6: Lucy2014-05-09 17:58:08
S1 Episode 5: Serge & Toni2014-05-09 17:58:15
S1 Episode 4: Victor2014-05-09 17:58:23
S1 Episode 3: Julie2014-05-09 17:58:32
S1 Episode 2: Simon2014-05-09 17:58:39
S1 Episode 1: Camille2014-05-09 17:58:47