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After out-of-control heiress Gene (Jillian Bell) is discovered swilling from a liquor bottle while riding her horse down the highway, she's placed under house arrest. Rather than keeping an eye on her themselves, her indulgent father Kent (Stephen Root) and out-of-it stepmother Tanzy (Jennifer Elise Cox) decide to hire Harvard-educated Billie (Charlotte Newhouse) to be Gene's court-appointed monitor, the IDIOTSITTER of the title. Now Billie has to somehow keep Gene home and relatively sober, help her pass her GED, and keep her from getting in any more trouble -- which, knowing Gene, is not going to be easy.

S2 Episode 10: Finale2016-03-18 05:14:11
S2 Episode 8: Viva la Joy2016-03-04 04:12:24
S2 Episode 7: 2016-02-26 04:36:12
S2 Episode 6: Mother's Day2016-02-19 04:27:20
S2 Episode 5: Fumigation2016-02-12 05:44:56
S2 Episode 4: Hos Before Bros2016-02-05 04:21:16
S2 Episode 3: Funeral2016-01-29 04:11:59
S2 Episode 2: Book Report2016-01-22 04:15:39
S2 Episode 1: Pilot2016-01-22 04:32:57