Katharine Lerner | Bagpuss (1974– ) | Season 10 Episode 23 The Gyroscopic Collapse


HOMELAND follows the intertwining paths of two main characters. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA operations officer who has been exiled to a desk after a controversial operation in Iraq. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) is an American prisoner of war who has been rescued after being held captive in Iraq since 2003. As Carrie begins to suspect that Brody is actually a double agent for an Iraqi terror cell, her credibility and sanity begin to fray, even as forces move into place that suggest an impending terrorist attack on American soil.

S1 Episode 12: Marine One2013-12-09 03:03:41
S1 Episode 11: The Vest2013-12-09 03:03:23
S1 Episode 10: Representative Brody2013-12-09 03:03:07
S1 Episode 9: Crossfire2013-12-09 03:02:51
S1 Episode 8: Achilles Heel2013-12-09 03:02:37
S1 Episode 7: The Weekend2013-12-09 03:02:18
S1 Episode 6: The Good Soldier2013-12-09 03:01:59
S1 Episode 5: Blind Spot2013-12-09 03:00:57
S1 Episode 4: Semper I2013-12-09 03:00:31
S1 Episode 3: Clean Skin2013-12-09 03:00:05
S1 Episode 2: Grace2013-12-09 02:59:41
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2013-12-09 02:59:24