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Hello Campersgeektv

The show consists of five teams of two who go out to a European campsite. Whilst there, they compete in assorted challenges. One team cooks, one team provides entertainment and the other three participate in a local challenge, such as paella-making, flamenco dancing, sculpture or streetdance; the former teams are given points by the other teams, and the other three are given points out of ten by the provider of the local challenge, for example a treasure hunt firm. The team that score the lowest each day has to clean the camp, and the team that scores the highest across the week win £1,000.

S1 Episode 30: Episode 302015-09-05 01:18:13
S1 Episode 29: Episode 292015-09-04 02:40:05
S1 Episode 27: Episode 272015-09-02 01:12:46
S1 Episode 26: Episode 262015-09-01 01:24:03
S1 Episode 25: Italian Coast 52015-08-29 02:24:02
S1 Episode 24: Episode 242015-08-28 00:53:22
S1 Episode 23: Italian Coast 32015-08-27 02:43:36
S1 Episode 22: Italian Coast 22015-08-26 00:36:19
S1 Episode 21: Italian Coast 12015-08-25 02:51:21