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HEARTBEAT is a television medical drama about the life of an unconventional cardiothoracic surgeon. Inspired by real life surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliano, it stars Melissa George as Dr. Alex Panttiere, a brilliant, brazen, and boundary-breaking doctor who will do everything she can to help her patients. Working alongside her at St. Matthews hospital is fellow surgeon and boyfriend Pierce Harrison (Dave Annable), former mentor and lover Dr. Jesse Shane (Don Hany), and the politically incorrect Dr. Callahan (Jamie Kennedy). Also joining the team is Nurse Ji-Sung (Maya Erskine), psychiatrist Dr. Hackett (played by D.L. Hughley), and Forester (JLouis Mills), a rather eccentric orderly. But as Panttiere brings cutting-edge technology and surgical procedures to the research hospital, she must contend with the hospital's administrator, Millicent Silvano (Shelley Conn). When she's not dealing with the non-stop life-and-death conditions of her patients, she's at home raising her two kids with the help of her gay ex-husband and rock star Max (played by Joshua Leonard). It's a complicated life, but one that brings her a lot of satisfaction along the way.

S1 Episode 10: What Happens in Vegas... Happens2016-05-26 01:24:04
S1 Episode 9: Sanctuary2016-05-19 01:19:06
S1 Episode 8: Match Game2016-05-12 01:20:54
S1 Episode 7: Permanent Glitter2016-05-05 01:14:18
S1 Episode 6: The Inverse2016-04-28 01:06:35
S1 Episode 5: The Land of Normal2016-04-21 01:21:56
S1 Episode 4: 100,000 Heartbeats2016-04-07 01:05:56
S1 Episode 3: Backwards2016-03-31 03:26:32
S1 Episode 2: Twins2016-03-24 01:23:49
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2016-03-23 12:00:01