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When Grace Atwood (Daisy Head) is accused of murdering her roommate Molly Ryan in London, her sister Natalie leaves Boston to be with her with the help of lawyer Stan Gutterie (Billy Zane). However, as she learns more about the case, she begins to question her sister's innocence and if the people around them are really there to help.

S1 Episode 10: What Did You Do?2016-08-23 02:18:58
S1 Episode 9: The Crown v Atwood2016-08-16 02:09:09
S1 Episode 8: Eyes Wide Open2016-08-09 02:13:23
S1 Episode 7: A Fall From Grace2016-08-02 02:08:39
S1 Episode 6: A Simple Plan2016-07-26 02:16:11
S1 Episode 5: 2016-07-19 02:21:02
S1 Episode 4: Blood Ties2016-07-12 02:13:59
S1 Episode 3: Exit Wounds2016-06-28 02:21:02
S1 Episode 2: AmericanPsycho2016-06-21 02:11:39
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2016-06-14 05:25:48