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In GRIMM, police detective Nick Burkhardt s (David Giuntoli) life is turned upside down when he begins seeing strange things that defy explanation and seem to be invisible to everyone else around him. It s only when his ailing aunt (Kate Burton) reveals to him that he s the latest descendant from an ancient line of Grimms -- people who are tasked with keeping the peace between supernatural creatures and the human world -- that his visions make sense. Besides coming to terms with this new world of Hexenbiests, Blutbaden, and Lausenschlange, Nick also must keep his identity a secret from everyone around him, including his girlfriend, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch), and his partner on the force, Hank (Russell Hornsby). Fortunately he s flanked by a reformed werewolf named Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), who helps him navigate the workings of this hidden society.

S4 Episode 22: Cry Havoc2015-05-16 01:11:52
S4 Episode 21: Headache2015-05-09 01:05:47
S4 Episode 20: You Dont Know Jack2015-05-02 01:05:29
S4 Episode 19: Iron Hans2015-04-25 01:05:04
S4 Episode 18: Mishipeshu2015-04-18 01:24:34
S4 Episode 17: Hibernaculum2015-04-11 01:28:41
S4 Episode 16: Heartbreaker2015-04-04 01:03:20
S4 Episode 15: Double Date2015-03-28 01:16:15
S4 Episode 14: Bad Luck2015-03-21 01:16:55
S4 Episode 13: Trial by Fire2015-02-14 03:08:31
S4 Episode 12: Marechaussee2015-02-07 03:08:48
S4 Episode 11: Death Do Us2015-01-31 03:04:36
S4 Episode 10: Tribunal2015-01-24 09:47:55
S4 Episode 9: Wesenrein2015-01-17 03:15:51
S4 Episode 8: Chupacabra2014-12-13 03:12:22
S4 Episode 7: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas2014-12-06 03:18:15
S4 Episode 6: Highway of Tears2014-11-29 03:04:07
S4 Episode 5: Cry Luison2014-11-22 03:10:59
S4 Episode 4: Dying on a Prayer2014-11-15 03:02:15
S4 Episode 3: Last Fight2014-11-08 03:11:18
S4 Episode 2: Octopus Head2014-11-01 02:10:26
S4 Episode 1: Thanks for the Memories2014-10-25 02:11:33