Oreob4by [videos] | Detective Laura Diamond | Season 5 Episode 21 The Hawking Excitation

Good Behaviorgeektv

Letty Dobesh (Michelle Dockery) was released early from a prison sentence for GOOD BEHAVIOR, but that parole board didn't know what was coming next. With her life decimated by her past, Letty can't see much of a future. She passes the time trying to stay away from alcohol, lying to her parole officer, and committing petty thievery at a hotel where an accomplice gives her a master key. But her minor crimes lead to major ones when she overhears a man hiring hit man Javier (Juan Diego Botto) to kill his wife. Hoping to save her, Letty attempts to intercede. Before she knows it, she's in over her head with Javier, on the run, and on the road to even more trouble.