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Glitch tells the emotional story of six seemingly unconnected people who have inexplicably returned from the dead, alive and in good health. With no memory of their identities, disbelief quickly gives way to a determination to discover who they are and what has happened to them. But the mystery soon becomes deeply personal to Sergeant James Hayes when he recognises one of the group: it’s the love of his life, his recently deceased wife Kate.

S1 Episode 6: Episode #1.62015-07-17 01:41:58
S1 Episode 5: Episode #1.52015-07-17 01:41:57
S1 Episode 4: Episode #1.42015-07-17 01:41:57
S1 Episode 3: Episode #1.32015-07-17 01:41:57
S1 Episode 2: Episode #1.22015-07-17 01:41:56
S1 Episode 1: Episode #1.12015-07-17 01:41:53