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Girl Meets Worldgeektv

GIRL MEETS WORLD chronicles the coming of age of 11-year-old Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), a studious girl whos discovering boys and her own limits under the watchful eyes of her parents, Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel). Rileys best friend, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), is always by her side to guide (or misguide, as is often the case) her way through the ups and downs, and to add some spice to Rileys life. Then theres Lucas (Peyton Meyer), the new class cutie who seems smitten with Riley, and Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), a know-it-all classmate with dueling crushes on both Maya and Riley.

S2 Episode 30: Girl Meets Legacy2016-03-12 03:08:05
S2 Episode 29: Girl Meets the Bay Window2016-02-20 02:30:44
S2 Episode 28: Girl Meets Commonism2016-02-14 23:01:28
S2 Episode 27: Girl Meets Money2016-01-23 02:40:54
S2 Episode 26: Girl Meets STEM2016-01-09 02:40:10
S2 Episode 25: Girl Meets the New Year2015-12-05 01:21:50
S2 Episode 24: Girl Meets Belief2015-11-14 05:07:25
S2 Episode 23: Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project2015-11-07 02:36:40
S2 Episode 21: Girl Meets Texas: Part 22015-10-18 02:28:58
S2 Episode 20: Girl Meets Texas: Part 12015-10-17 02:02:26
S2 Episode 19: Girl Meets Rah Rah2015-10-10 02:48:05
S2 Episode 18: Girl Meets World: of Terror 22015-10-03 01:45:24
S2 Episode 17: Girl Meets Rileytown2015-09-26 02:47:03
S2 Episode 16: Girl Meets Cory and Topanga2015-09-19 01:50:37
S2 Episode 15: Girl Meets Farkle2015-09-12 02:06:25
S2 Episode 14: Girl Meets Creativity2015-08-22 03:13:21
S2 Episode 13: Girl Meets Semi-Formal2015-08-15 01:45:10
S2 Episode 12: Girl Meets Yearbook2015-08-08 02:17:21
S2 Episode 11: Girl Meets Fish2015-07-25 01:42:07
S2 Episode 10: Girl Meets the New Teacher2015-07-18 01:48:45
S2 Episode 9: Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington2015-07-11 02:04:23
S2 Episode 8: Girl Meets Hurricane2015-06-20 01:52:17
S2 Episode 7: Girl Meets Rules2015-06-13 02:02:00
S2 Episode 6: Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot2015-06-06 01:53:00
S2 Episode 5: Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels2015-05-16 01:16:00
S2 Episode 4: Girl Meets Pluto2015-05-15 01:11:08
S2 Episode 3: Girl Meets the Secret of Life2015-05-14 01:16:01
S2 Episode 2: Girl Meets the New World2015-05-13 01:24:58
S2 Episode 1: Girl Meets Gravity2015-05-12 01:13:41