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GIRL CODE is a unique female-driven comedy series that offers a comedic commentary on the world of womanhood. It stars a long list of stand-up comediennes like Jessiemae Paluso and Nicole Byer, actresses like Alesha Renee, radio personalities like Nessa Nitty, and other female personalities, all of whom have something to say about the unwritten rules of behavior that women should understand and follow when doing things like drinking, dancing, and making the most of having a "friend with benefits." A few guys, like Money from Strangers host Jeff Dye and actor/and comedian Jordan Carlos regularly share their thoughts about the impact these codes have on them. Adding to the fray are a long list of actors, singers, and other celebs, all of who weigh in on various subjects.

S3 Episode 18: T B A2015-08-20 00:53:17
S3 Episode 17: Sadness2015-08-20 00:53:29
S3 Episode 16: Music2015-08-20 00:53:16
S3 Episode 15: Bad Girls2015-08-20 00:53:26
S3 Episode 14: Awkward. And Faking It Special2015-08-20 00:53:25
S3 Episode 13: Holidays2015-08-20 00:53:16
S3 Episode 12: Self Expression2015-08-20 00:53:19
S3 Episode 11: Bad Relationships2015-08-20 00:53:18
S3 Episode 10: Vacation2015-08-20 00:53:26
S3 Episode 9: Humor2015-08-20 00:53:28
S3 Episode 8: T B A2015-08-20 00:53:14
S3 Episode 7: Money2015-08-20 00:53:14
S3 Episode 6: Girl Power2015-08-20 00:53:23
S3 Episode 5: Race2015-08-20 00:53:30
S3 Episode 3: Race2015-08-20 00:53:25
S3 Episode 2: Divorce2015-08-20 00:53:12
S3 Episode 1: Your Sexuality2015-08-20 00:53:13
S1 Episode 22: T B A2015-08-20 00:53:27
S1 Episode 21: The Morning After Friends of Boyfriends Flirting & DecoratingRebounding Cooking Meeting the Parents & Bridesmaids2015-08-20 00:53:21
S1 Episode 20: The Morning After Friends of Boyfriends Flirting & Decorating2015-08-20 00:53:14
S1 Episode 19: Breaks Strip ClubsMothers, Sororities & Moving in with a Boyfriend2015-08-20 00:53:17
S1 Episode 18: Pornography Being Set-Up Underwear Social Climbing & Bra Fittings2015-08-20 00:53:20
S1 Episode 17: PDA Style Smoking Calling Dibs2015-08-20 00:53:13
S1 Episode 16: Compliments Shopping Being Set Up Hair & Ending a First Date 2015-08-20 00:53:17
S1 Episode 15: Contraception Whipped Canceling Plastic Surgery2015-08-20 00:53:24
S1 Episode 14: Pregnancy Scares Mean Girls Sleepovers Online Dating2015-08-20 00:53:31
S1 Episode 13: Getting Dumped Being Sophisticated Working Jealousy & Dealing with a Creepy Co-worker2015-08-20 00:53:31
S1 Episode 12: Experimentation Playing Sports Fathers Being Crazy & Ending a First Date2015-08-20 00:53:11
S1 Episode 11: Cheating Compliments Penises Hair2015-08-20 00:53:12
S1 Episode 10: Ex-Boyfriends Gossip STDs Hosting a Party2015-08-20 00:53:24
S1 Episode 9: Foreplay Shopping Feeling Unattractive Guy Friends & Jealousy Towards a Boyfriends Female Friend2015-08-20 00:53:18
S1 Episode 8: Dieting Vacations Neediness & Watching Sports2015-08-20 00:53:12
S1 Episode 7: First Dates Menstruation Fights Among Girls & the Friend Zone2015-08-20 00:53:19
S1 Episode 6: May 2013 Frenemies Bad Boys Dreams Working Out2015-08-20 00:53:31
S1 Episode 4: Social Networking Friends with Benefits Lying & Masturbation2015-08-20 00:53:22
S1 Episode 3: Make-up Being gassy Driving & Being Slutty2015-08-20 00:53:22
S1 Episode 2: Dancing Snooping Waxing & Going to the Bathroom2015-08-20 00:53:16
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2015-08-20 00:53:22