Extreme How-To Magazine - May 2014 USA | Garth Merkeley | épisode 10 streaming Who Are You?

Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everythinggeektv

GAMERS GUIDE TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING stars Cameron Boyce as Conor, a 15-year-old gaming prodigy whos finally risen to the top of the game when an untimely thumb injury puts him on the disabled list and costs him his sponsorships. To his further dismay, hes forced to forego his private tutor and enroll in public school for the first time. Desperate to get back on the pro circuit, Conor enlists the help of adoring fan Franklin (Felix Avitia) and fellow gamers Ashley (Sophie Reynolds) and Wendell (Murray Wyatt Rundus) to reclaim his previous fame, but he finds surprising satisfaction in being part of this new team. As he adjusts to life as a regular teen, he and his friends use their gaming prowess to navigate the obstacles along the way.