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Game of Silencegeektv

GAME OF SILENCE centers on Jackson Brooks (David Lyons), a guy who has it all together: His legal career is taking off, and his beautiful fiancée is also a partner at his firm. But when his group of childhood friends suddenly comes back into his life to seek his help avenging a decades-old wrong, Jackson's perfect life starts slipping away. A set of murders that begins with the death of his friend Boots (Derek Phillips) starts a deadly chain of events. His brash friends Gil Harris (Michael Raymond James) and Shawn Cook (Larenz Tate) haven't strayed very far from the criminal path they embarked on after their stay at a juvenile detention center. They want vengeance against the authorities and fellow inmates who hurt them long ago. But the former warden of that detention center is now making a run for Congress and is still connected with a criminal underworld. The warden and his goons know Jackson's secrets, and there are mysteries he and his friends haven't even begun to discover yet.

S1 Episode 10: She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune2016-06-06 03:10:58
S1 Episode 9: The Truth2016-06-03 03:17:42
S1 Episode 8: Hey2016-06-03 01:51:00
S1 Episode 7: Road Trip2016-05-20 04:48:39
S1 Episode 6: Into the Black2016-05-13 03:19:46
S1 Episode 5: Ghosts of Quitman2016-05-06 03:20:36
S1 Episode 4: The Uninvited2016-04-29 03:10:29
S1 Episode 3: Hurricane Gil2016-04-22 03:18:13
S1 Episode 2: Justice2016-04-15 03:14:26
S1 Episode 1: Pilot2016-04-13 03:21:52