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Friday Night Dinnergeektv

The Goodmans gather weekly for a FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER in their suburban English home, where a simple meal provides the backdrop for high jinks, hilarity, and family dysfunction. The clan consists of man of the house Martin (Paul Ritter), who has a tendency to go without his shirt; mother Jackie (Tamsin Greig), a good cook with a saucy disposition; and grown sons Adam and Jonny (Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal), who keep each other entertained with endless ribbing and practical jokes. Socially awkward neighbor Jim (Mark Heap) stops by regularly too to use the loo -- and get his hands on Jackie.

S4 Episode 6: For Sale2016-08-27 13:54:44
S4 Episode 5: The Funeral2016-08-20 00:34:10
S4 Episode 4: The Pyjamas2016-08-13 02:25:53
S4 Episode 3: Congratulations2016-08-06 03:07:48
S4 Episode 2: The Carpet Cleaner2016-07-30 02:43:18
S4 Episode 1: The Two Tonys2016-07-23 00:18:41
S3 Episode 6: The Big Day2015-05-21 01:17:25
S3 Episode 5: The Piano2015-05-21 01:17:23
S3 Episode 4: The Anniversary2015-05-21 01:17:01
S3 Episode 2: The Fox2015-05-21 01:17:21
S3 Episode 1: The Girlfriend2015-05-21 01:17:03
S2 Episode 7: Christmas2015-05-21 01:17:19
S2 Episode 6: The Mouse2015-05-21 01:17:18
S2 Episode 5: The Yoghurts2015-05-21 01:17:16
S2 Episode 4: The New Car2015-05-21 01:17:14
S2 Episode 3: The Loft2015-05-21 01:17:11
S2 Episode 2: Mr Morris2015-05-21 01:17:10
S2 Episode 1: Buggy2015-05-21 01:17:13
S1 Episode 6: The Date2015-05-21 01:17:06
S1 Episode 5: The Mercedes2015-05-21 01:16:59
S1 Episode 4: The Dress2015-05-21 01:16:56
S1 Episode 3: The Curtains2015-05-21 01:17:04
S1 Episode 2: The Jingle2015-05-21 01:16:59
S1 Episode 1: The Sofa-Bed2015-05-21 01:16:57